Who we are and what we do...

And other things you might want to know

The Right Consultancy is a full service creative agency, which provides PR, Marketing, Web and Design to clients across the UK. As companies face many difficult challenges today to stand up above the competition; Marketing plays a significant role in ensuring that a specific audience is targeted precisely, and then managed through a series of carefully crafted messages and brand identities to encourage the consumer to take a specific course of action.

Our big four specialities are:

PR is the focussed outlet for generating media coverage. Though close links with trade, local and national press, radio and television and online portals, TRC helps to build reputations, create identities and harness the power of free advertising.

Marketing is committed to working with brands, identifying route strategies that help to generate sales and add to the bottom line. Through dedicated marketing plans, companies can be assured that every opportunity to promote the products, service or issues are fully explored. The company also acts as media buyer – obtaining preferential rates in most publications, meaning you actually save when you spend on your ad campaigns!

Web provides the technical frontier to the marketing mix. With many years’ experience behind it, TRC delivers beautiful websites that catch both the imagination and attention of these who visit. However, attraction is not all about looks…it’s what’s ‘under the hood’ that counts and TRC is no stranger to optimising websites to be search engine friendly. As an added element, TRC can ignite your twitter and facebook profiles and target your potential customers through well planned and executed email campaigns. Hosting and domain names are also a speciality at TRC, with great hosting deals updated regularly.

Design is an imaginative and highly creative part of the company which focusses on everything ‘design’. Whether it’s company branding, stationery, banners, brochures or mailing leaflets, TRC never fails a client brief. TRC has set up a series of printing partners, allowing for great prices in finished products. We can produce any form of printed materials, CD, DVD or banners (even full building sized banners).

But the main element that differentiates us from any other agency is the inherent speed and dedicated direction of message and concept that separated agencies struggle to comprehend. As a client, we basically ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’ and never have a left hand, right hand struggle.