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TRC offers a wide range of public relations services across every business sector. Whether you require press management, promotions, pr campaigns or staged pr stunts, TRC has the experience and knowledge to deliver and achieve results that can add to both the profile and, ultimately, the bottom line. TRC offers a flexible approach to working with business, through individual project work or the provision of a more sustained service.

In addition to this, TRC can also offer a studio-based media training programme for staff members who are expected to talk directly to the press.


Our free offer will allow you to have a critical eye look over your press release. We’re trained in writing press releases that make news – not like the thousands that only make it as far as the waste paper bin! Simply complete the form below and we’ll check it over and come back to you with what we think you should do to create the right impression when it hits the journalists desk.

Terms & Conditions of this offer:

This service allows 1 free press release critique per company.

The requester must be from the company that prepared the press release and contact from yahoo/gmail etc email addresses will not be declined unless further proof of employment can be presented at the time of application.

Please bear with us – this website is under construction.

If you’d like to talk to us about your next project, either call us or write to us using the email form on our contact page.

Thank you,

The Marketing Team!